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KFC Gida A.S.(Safe Food)
is a leading producer of the Mediterranean food products from Turkey. The company is owned by Celep family. The family is a major grower with thousands of acrres of family owned farmland and a group of companies operating in the agricultural business since 1950. The company is one of the largest processor and trader of raw and ginned cotton, a major commodity for Turkey. The procurement of the best raw materials is still done by the family and also a large percentage of our raw materials are grown on family owned lands throughout Aegean Sea region. Our company is a major packer of dried fruits for the retailers and worldwide manufacturers.

Our products; dried fruits, pickles & sun-dried vegetables. We have a unique contractual relationship with over 800 farmers to whom we provide technical support with our agricultural engineer team. This relationship provides us to begin the quality assurance program at the field. We have a wide range of food service and retail packaging capabilities varying from 3oz to bulk packages. The ability to pack our propducts near the growing areas has resulted in significant cost savings, but more importantly, created less product handling and improved the overall quality. We have different production sites and warehousing facilities throughour the growing regions enabling us to procure the best raw materials and process them timely.

Our relation with worldwide manufacturers, foodservice, chains and retailers helped us to comprehend the importance of quality assurance. we are producing our products under HACCP food safety system, also, we are certified by BRC, in addition we are also Kosher (Star-K) & Halal certified. In order to give better service our customers, we established our subsidiary company in USA. We are operating through 6 distribution centers since 2003 and serving our customers directly from the field to their final usage.

Our Vision: To provide service for our suppliers and customers, to take over an effective role at all stages of supply chain and to ensure that our brand Sunny Fruit ranks amongst the top 5 brands in worldwide snack dried fruit market.

Our Mission: To add value to life with our traditional and innovative product portfolio that we supply to food tables worldwide and with importance we give to nature, health and future generations .

Our Values:

Respect: We respect to human and nature. We lay out our factories and working spaces with this mentality.

Work Discipline: We give particular importance to work discipline as a matter of our respect to our work and to eachother.
We provide service for our customers with the same mentality.

Team Spirit: We think that systems, in which individualism is prioritised, are not sustainable.
Working with team spirit has become one of our main phylosophies.

Continuous Development: In order to develop our Company, we should develop ourselves and co-workers first. We are brave enough to learn from our mistakes and continue to develop.

Social Responsibility: As per social responsibility, we support different initiatives with social purpose.

Interaction with our Business Partners: We consider staying in interaction with our suppliers, employees and customers, with whom we work together, and guiding them, as our duty.