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The recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has become an increasingly global challenge, that is impacting business operations and global supply chains. KFC recognizes that this is a constantly developing situation, and the protection of people working in business and global supply chains is paramount. The outbreak of the virus and governments restricting movement across countries to contain the virus, will significantly impact global trade.
K.F.C Gıda is caring deeply about the wellbeing of its personnel, customers, , suppliers and service providers. As the coronavirus continues to spread all over the world, K.F.C Gıda apply preventative actions against to the coronavirus as the followings;

*The fever of all personnel is measured while entering the facility, if there is any high temperature, the personnel is not allowed to enter the facility, sent for medical applications
*The brochures about coronavirus is hanged all over the factory for giving information to all personnel.
*All personnel are informed by text mobile message from time to time.
*Hygiene training is repeated regularly for all personnel.
*Additional hand-sanitizer and disinfectant are applied for all personnel every 2 hours.
*Our plant is completely disinfected regularly.
*If one of our team members is feeling unwell, we would encourage him/her to request they stay at home until they feel better.
* We have a full-time nurse in our business. So, the health status of all staff is closely monitored.
*Our delivery trucks/trailers used for any local or long-haul deliveries are disinfected.
* The drivers or inbound drivers being screened for illnesses. If any drivers showing illness, sent to the hospital.
*Our personnel services are regularly disinfected.
* Cough or sneeze be into elbow crease or tissue which shall be disposed of immediately and hands washed. No handshaking or air kissing by greeting.
* For office workers, keyboards, phones, desks are sterilized at least daily and hand sanitizer is provided every 2 hours.
* Only critical visitors are accepted, nevertheless the travel history of critical visitor is examined in the last 14 days.
*If there is a potentially infected person, all areas contaminated by that person are fixed and the area is thoroughly cleaned & disinfected (including surfaces that the person uses and touches, such as handrails, door handles, etc.).
*Personnel accumulation in the inlets and outlets are prevented and the contacts to buttons and doors are reduced, also the buttons and doors are disinfected regularly.
*The arrangements about reducing number of personnel during the break time are made. The distance between personnel at the break time is arranged, common things such as salt shaker is removed from the tables. The personnel who works in dining hall wear gloves and mask.
*Travels are restricted to and high-risk areas.
*The personnel who have chronic diseases, aged above 60-year-old, pregnant are allowed for annual leave.
*According to conditions todays, KFC have no any stock problems based on raw materials and auxiliary materials for this crop year. Our business is still ongoing till to any local government decision.

Additionally, news and guidelines from national public health authorities and local health authorities are followed by our team for further information. If there are any negative effects on our business continuity, we will inform all our business partners accordingly.
Hope to overcome this worldwide problem within the shortest period.


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